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My animal rights story started with watching a random interview with Dr. Michael Greger. The day before, I hadn't even thought about veganism at all.

In the interview Dr. Greger talked about the most common diseases today such as diabetes, high blood pressure, vascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and others, and how they are all linked to what we eat. He said that we should not eat animal products if we want our bodies to function well and be able to heal themselves. So I tried a plant-based diet.

After few days of researching healthy foods, I came to veganism and realised that I don't need to eat animal products to be healthy and that I really --> REALLY don't want to support this cruel industry anymore. Finally I could open my eyes that were closed for more than 32 years!

I became vegan for the animals and realised that I cannot be silent about the violence that I supported just a few days ago. I found some local vegans and we funded the 'Zgodbe Veganov' project, in which we filmed 100 people over the next three years and shared their stories of transformation. We have gone viral several times in our country (Slovenia), as we have also been part of some of the biggest animal rights campaigns.

My focus is always on reaching more people. I believe that when you do campaigns or actions, you have to broadcast them live, make a video or a picture out of them, otherwise you waste a lot of energy and great content for someone else. In my opinion, we should laverage our actions for animal rights as much as we can so you have more potential and a chance to achieve something big - make another vegan or make a new inspiration for the masses.

When Anja and I met, we knew within two days that this was it! :-) We finally found each other, fell crazy in love and started our journey together. Although we haven't known each other for long, we've been through a lot together. We are big advocates for personal growth as activists as well, which is extremely important for the long term activist journey that animals so desperately need.

We organise campaigns together, save lives together, carry out investigations on farms and advocate for animals on every opportunity we can.

Together we have almost 10 years of experience in different fields connected with animal rights activism and we want to share our knowledge, attitude and long-standing determination with other people so that we can grow as a community.

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