We are creating a documentary dedicated to the animals!

We got married this year and decided to rush from the registry office to a farm where we saved 4 lambs from the slaughterhouse in our wedding garments! We did many other actions on our wedding weekend that were honestly pretty uncomfortable at the moment.

But in the industry abused animals suffer so much more every day than we ever could because of our missed wedding party. Love should not just be between two people and humanity in general, but extended to all living and sentient beings.

To reach the not-yet-vegan masses with our message, we captured everything we did and are turning it with the help of a professional team into a unique story, which will transform the viewer! Stay tuned!


Be part of the journey for animal rights.

We are Anja & Matej Glivar and we are passionate animal rights advocates. We are always working on our personal growth to become better people and better activists. Combined we have more than 10 years of advocating for animals in a variety of ways, including direct actions, farm investigations, public speaking on stages and television shows, outreach events and many other forms.

Now ...

• We decided to combine our knowledge, energy and focus for the animals in long-term
• We funded LikeGlivars to sustain our activism for the forgotten victims and reach the masses with serving others.

in Media for Animal Rights

Our mission is to help you to help the animals!

Anja Glivar

Vegan interested in fashion & elderly care & beach

Matej Glivar

Vegan interested in Creativity & Business & Sports