Vegan interested in fashion & elderly care & beach
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Hi there!
I became vegan because I was together with a local dairy farmer and had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of what happens in the industry - that cows don't just "give" milk and that cruel practices are done to mother cows and their babies.
When I saw the truth, I could no longer close my eyes, and although I used to say, "I can't live without cheese", I very quickly stopped paying for animal products after being informed of the horror that they cause.
For a year I felt very lost because I didn't know any other vegans and my family didn't accept my new way of thinking and living very well. This changed when I started to stand up for animal rights because I met many people who have similar values. I tried many different forms of activism, such as outreach events, vigils in front of the slaughterhouse, I organized civil disobedience actions such as occupations of farms, and soon I started to expose the conditions on the farms by filming the real conditions undercover at night. One of my main actions were also saving animals from slaughter. At the moment I have 5 open court cases for the animals because I carried out actions to make the world a more peaceful place. No matter what I did, it was always very important for me to stay non-violent because I am convinced that we can only transform the world through love.
In Matej I have found my soulmate with whom I can share this passion to fight for the weaker. It is an incredible gift to have someone by your side who understands you when the whole world doesn't seem to care. Through Matej, I have learned to think and work in bigger dimensions.
I have seen how personal growth helps me on a daily basis to become the best version of myself and to not only dream but make my visions happen. I was so frustrated and sad about all the suffering that happens to animals that I was not able to achieve as much as I would wish. But now I finally feel strong, organized and powerful.
I want to change the world for animals, our planet and us humans by teaching activists what I have learned about personal growth and making them stronger and more effective. Because when we are strong as a community and our actions are well thought out, we can be most effective, which benefits the animals.